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PowerSpec PC Systems: About Us

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Offering Quality, Cost-Optimized Systems since 1992
PowerSpec is registered trademark of Micro Electronics, Inc. Founded in 1979, Micro Electronics and its subsidiaries have a long history of innovation in the PC industry. PowerSpec products are available primarily at Micro Center retail stores and the MicroCenter.com online store.

Like hundreds of others, the PowerSpec® PC product line was originally developed as an inexpensive alternative to the IBM PC. Later, the competitors became exclusively other "clones." Today the competition includes the new breed of lower-cost Name Brand systems, direct sellers of computers and a very select group of comparable-quality compatibles. Generally this class of system is recognized by second and third-time computer buyers as worth the investment, and PowerSpec is the price-performance leader.

More for Less.
PowerSpec is established on the simple concept of More for Less. The creators of the brand envisioned saving the "techno-savvy" computer buyer substantial money in three ways:

  • Offer simple configurations, and mainstream technology, so customers don't pay for either what they don't need or what's too expensive now because it's too cutting edge
  • Make sure all components are the lowest cost for an acceptably high standard of quality, that cost decreases are relentlessly pursued and the savings quickly passed on to customers
  • Drive down manufacturing costs and eliminate extra expense layers - large manufacturing overheads and resellers' markups are just not part of the PowerSpec formula

It's Working.
We knew that a popularly-configured, price-based, high-quality system backed by a strong warranty would appeal to those experienced computer shoppers who immediately recognize the value and will recommend our systems to friends. This simple premise has worked well. PowerSpec sales continue to skyrocket and prices drop on the mainstream technology you are looking for.


PowerSpec offers a system for every use and every budget, from fully integrated systems to top-of-the-line multimedia power systems.

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