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PowerSpec PC Systems: Archived System Support Specs

PowerSpec® B719

Windows 8 Pro
  • Your Windows, everywhere -
    Sign in and your Windows 8 device becomes yours because your personalization, desktop background, and settings are all there. Whether you set it up once just the way you want it or change it often, when you sign in even a brand-new PC lights up with everything that makes Windows yours. And anyone you share your Windows 8 PC with can have their own personalized, cloud-connected access by signing in with their own Microsoft account.
    Start a project on one PC, and finish it on another. When you use the cloud to store your information, the boundaries between devices dissolve. Your apps, games, music, photos, files, and settings aren’t stored on one device because they’re in one place: the cloud.
    Sign in to any of your Windows 8 PCs and access all of your stuff from virtually anywhere.
  • Connected to your people -
    Use mail and messaging apps to communicate with all your friends, family, and co-workers. And you won’t need to invite them twice. If you have contacts all over the place, you’re in luck because whether you originally added a contact in Outlook.com, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or some other service, if you choose to connect them, that contact is available in your apps as soon as you sign in to your PC with your Microsoft account. You can have a fully connected address book with the People app. See the people you care about, their updates, and all the different ways to communicate and share with them—all in one place.
  • Connected to your files -
    Your Microsoft account goes where you go. You can switch from one Windows 8 device to another and be ready to pick up where you left off just by signing in. When your files are in the cloud and you have an Internet connection, you can access photos and other files on Microsoft SkyDrive just like you access other things on your PC, and you can get to them from any web-connected device.
  • Family safety in the cloud-
    With Microsoft Family Safety, you can set up accounts for your children so you don’t have to worry as much about their online activity. Family Safety will monitor your children’s activities and let you know what they’re doing. By connecting your account, you’ll be able to get weekly email reports in your inbox. You can also set up web filtering, time limits, and app restrictions.

  • Windows 8 Pro has all the features of Windows 8 and . . .
  • Remote Desktop Services
    Access applications and data over a network
  • Domain Join
  • Encrypting File System
    Enables files to be transparently encrypted to protect confidential data from attackers with physical access to the computer
Wall-to-Wall Web  
  • New Browser -
    Internet Explorer 10 brings you immersive web browsing on screens big and small.
  • Fast and fluid -
    Built for speed,Internet Explorer brings you a faster web.
    Whether you're loading sites, sharing sites, or going from sites to apps, it all runs at a speed comparable to apps on your PC.
  • Intuitive -
    Browse with ease. There when you need them, tabs and navigation controls appear at the swipe of a finger.
    Share sites with friends—just swipe and tap. And pin sites to Start for one–click access.
  • A more trusted web-
    More security, more privacy, more peace of mind:
    Building on innovations like SmartScreen and Tracking Protection, Internet Explorer is designed to give you greater control over your personal info and help keep you safe from the latest online threats.
  • Microsoft Mail-
    Mail allows you to see all of your accounts in one place, whether it’s Outlook.com, Gmail, or your company’s Exchange mail. You can pin email accounts to the Start screen so you can see your new mail on the live Mail tile without opening the Mail app. You can even pin individual folders to stay up to date. Want to read or reply? Click the tile and go straight to your inbox. You can even send a file from your PC and have it automatically uploaded to SkyDrive for recipients to see.
  • SkyDrive -
    With SkyDrive, you don’t need to worry about being able to access your documents and photos on other PCs because when they’re in SkyDrive, you can access them from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Calendar -
    Just like the Mail app, Calendar combines your information by pulling together your multiple calendars into a single day, week, or month view. You decide which of your calendars are shown, and you can adjust the colors to suit your preferences. Pinning the Calendar app to the Start screen means you see upcoming events on the tile. You can even choose to see upcoming appointments on the Windows lock screen so you won’t have to unlock your PC to see what’s going on.
  • Apps work together-
    In Windows 8, apps work together so you can share information between them and streamline your work. For example, the Photos and Mail apps are connected, so you can select a picture from an album in your Photos app and email it to one of your contacts with a single click. No more opening your mail separately and attaching the picture. You can enable apps to include content from SkyDrive, share with your contacts in the People app, and send mail to people you know.




Windows 8 Pro 64-bit including downgrade rights to Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit.
Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit installed.

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