Updating your PowerSpec Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1

PowerSpec has tested these systems for update to Windows 8.1

Click here for Information on installing Windows 8.1 Update.

The results of PowerSpec's testing produced the following step-by-step instructions for updating these systems to Windows 8.1.
These instructions apply to the following PowerSpec Models-

B328 B329 B330 B331 B332 B358 B359 B638 B639 B648
B679 B680 B718 B719 B720 B721 B828 B829 G400

We suggest printing this page to use during installation.


Before updating your PC to Windows 8.1, PowerSpec recommends that you do a few things first.

  • Back up all of your data to an external drive
  • If your system has Windows 7 installed, you must install Windows 8 first from the recovery disks that came with your system
    To install Windows 8 from the recovery disks, follow the instructions here- Windows 8 Installation

  • You can also check the Windows Compatibility Center for potential issues and recommendations

Make sure your Windows 8 PC is up to date by installing the latest Windows updates

To check for updates in Windows Update

  • Open Windows Update in Control Panel by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or, if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Windows Update in the search box, tapping or clicking Settings, and then tapping or clicking Install updates.
  • In the left pane, tap or click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your PC.
  • If updates are found, tap or click Install updates.

Open the Windows Store and select the “Update to Windows 8.1” tile, or if you see a notification to “Update to Windows 8.1” you can select the “Go to the Store” button

To update to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store

    • From the Windows 8.1 product page, select Download. The download and installation of Windows 8.1 may take 1-2 hours, but you can continue using your PC while downloading.
    • If asked to take any actions, follow the onscreen instructions
    • When prompted to reboot your PC, select the “Restart now” button or wait for Windows to automatically restart
    • After Windows restarts, follow any onscreen instructions then sign-in to Windows 8.1

After updating your PC to Windows 8.1, PowerSpec recommends that you install a few updates.

    You will need to update the driver for-

  • Intel® Graphics (for WDDM 1.3) - Click here to download the driver
    The driver files are self-extracting files and will create a C:\drivers folder

    To install the driver-
  • Run the driver file that you downloaded to extract the driver
  • Navigate to the folder that contains the driver (C:\drivers\video)
  • Run 'Setup.exe'

    Welcome to Windows 8.1. Click here to learn more.

    Windows 8.1 does not include "DVD playback" software for viewing movies and videos
  • Visit you local Micro Center to purchase software for viewing movies and videos with Windows 8.1

Windows 8 tablet

Get ready to meet Windows 8.1

Here are a few highlights you can look forward to:

Customize your Start screen.

Make your Start screen your personalized home with news, weather, social networks and your favorite apps. Customizable colors and backgrounds and four different sizes of tiles make your machine as unique as you are.

Apps for every occasion.

Download thousands of popular apps from the Windows Store, including Netflix, ESPN, Skype and Angry Birds. Apps for email and photo and video editing are included.

Multitasking made easy.

It’s easy to do more at once. Snap multiple apps side by side in a single view for easy multitasking.

Your files, always with you.

Stay connected to your photos and important files and access them on your phone, tablet or PC with SkyDrive.

Your familiar desktop.

From the Start screen, you are just a click away from the familiar Windows desktop you know and love so you can do the stuff you've always done.

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